The easiest way to post pictures from Flickr?

Reaching out to the WordPress-users reading this: What’s the easiest route to go if I want to publish pictures from Flickr in my posts here? I want more than one picture in the posts.

Thank you! Tack!


7 responses to “The easiest way to post pictures from Flickr?

  1. I just copy and paste the URL corresponding to the size of the picture I want directly into the post form – just be in the ‘html’ version of the post form. I use the long URL (the one they tell you to use when posting to another site).

  2. I haven’t found a particularly easy/quick way. I do it one at a time and it kinda sucks. If you find a more elegant way to do this, let me know? Tack! 😉

    • With Flickr’s changed interface, I found it to be easier now to grab the URL than it was before. I’m working on a post with multiple pictures in it and getting those seven pictures in took less the amount of time than it did with the old Flickr.

      I was in the wrong version of post form in WP (in visual instead of HTML) and that added confussion for me as well, making the process really difficult.

      • Huh, I bet it *would* be a lot quicker to plunk the URL into HTML form instead of visual. . . I get all panicky in the HTML version . . . I’m NOT a code-writer. But, I could get with chucking photos in that way. Thanks! Have you or are ya gonna see Matte and the girls while they’re over that way? Give ’em hugs from me. I miss them.

  3. I don’t know if there’s a way to do it, either, so I’ll be watching your comments. 😉 I just post them straight from my computer’s hard drive.

  4. Tada! Wendie to the rescue!

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