China (Part 1) – The Hutong area in Beijing

Chinese lantern
One out of hundreds of Chinese lanterns in the Beijing hutongs

Can it get cheaper to cut down on expenses than keeping your shop on a bike? The owner of the bike was a charming old lady but unfortunately she didn’t want to be photographed…

Table tennis
This man was playing table tennis at a public table in a park area between the hutongs and one of the bigger ring roads of Beijing. He was playing the socks of his opponent even though he was a good twenty years older than the other man.

Caged birds
These birds shared a house wall with six or seven other cages

100 bottles of beer...
I think this is a collection spot for recycling glass bottles. All doos and windows were shut and I couldn’t get a closer peek at what was going on.

A broken rickshaw parked outside a house. This was one of few houses in the hutongs that actually had something looking like a garden at front.

For sale
While getting lost in the hutongs one afternoon I found this little hole-in-the-wall-kind-of-shop where they sold crayfish, snails and vegetables.

Next part of this series of pictures from my two weeks in China in June 2010 will be on random pictures from around Beijing.


3 responses to “China (Part 1) – The Hutong area in Beijing

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  2. I love the vibrant red color of the crayfish in that last photo!

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