China (Part 5) – Expo2010 in Shanghai

Line up on a rainy day
Some mornings the line up was ridiculous before the gates opened up for visitors. This is just before 9am and it was raining a bit this morning. But there were just as many umbrellas on sunny days to keep the sun rays away.

Line up
The line ups continued in zig zag under the roof. This is about half an hour before the gates opened.

African quarters
This is part of the African quarters in the Expo2010. If I’m not mistaken, the green and yellow building (looking sort of like a cross between an onion and a tulip) belongs to Angola. This is one of the few times we saw a group of volunteers at ease as they usually moved around marching in straight lines whenever they went from point A to point B…

German ball
This ball was in the German pavilion. The audience were led to balconies on three different levels and with our voices we got the sphere to change looks and to move around. It was really neat!

Russia on the inside
Part of the Russian pavilion was turned into a foreign planet. There were space shuttles and stations in the ceiling, made up flowers and plants in bright colours and small houses with screens that showed kids dressed up like aliens talking about Russian innovations in technical and medical areas.

Pearl lion
This full sized lion made out of wire and pearls stands at the entrance of South Africa’s pavilion.

Swedish shop
This is part of the shop that Sweden had connected to their national pavilion. Here one can buy Swedish glass from the famous Kosta Boda.

Tired visitors
Walking around the Expo2010 can be tiring. These two men were hilarious as they just sat down in this part of an exhibition and fell asleep. I watched them for a bit and the guy hunched over the table actually snored…

In the next part of this series, I’ll show you some random pictures  from Shanghai.


3 responses to “China (Part 5) – Expo2010 in Shanghai

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  3. SO Many people!!! Amazing! The displays are just breathtaking – I can’t imagine how beautiful they must have been in person!

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