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China (Part 2) – Random pictures from Beijing

Art on a wall Artful monument on a wall close to the Drum and Bell Towers

The Bird's Nest This is part of the Bird’s Nest where the athletics took place during the Olympics in 2008. The stadium is very big and it took us quite some time to walk around it on the outside. The architecture of it is fantastic!

The Water Cube The Olympic swimming and diving took place here in the Water Cube. They are now revamping the inside of the arena to become a public water park and there were high fences up so we couldn’t see all of the building. The bubbly surface is made out of millions tinytinytiny parts and you can tell when seeing it “up close”.

Female lion This Chinese lion stands guard in the Forbidden City. This is the female lion, it’s standing to the left of the entrance of one of the temples and it has a lion cub under its left front paw. Behind it you see one of the temples in the Forbidden City. The yellow is considered to be the emperor’s colour and all roofs in the city have this colour.

A throne One of the thrones in the Forbidden City. I think this was the hardest picture to get out of all the pictures I took during my two weeks in China. I had to wrestle a crowd to get to the front (one is not allowed to get inside the temple) and I was happy I was a head taller than everyone else…

Girl This girl was visiting the Forbidden City with her parents.

A girl and a moat The moat goes around the Forbidden City and is quite wide. I really liked the way the girl unintentionally posed with her umbrella while waiting for some friends.

Cowboy Just north of the Forbidden City is a park with a hill in it (if I remember correctly it’s made of the soil from when the moat was dug) and on top of the hill is a small temple with a Buddha inside. Outside the temple this girl was posing for her friends’ to take pictures and I couldn’t help myself. Forbidden City in the background.

The third part of this series will contain pictures from my visit on the Spirit Way and the Ming Tombs Area.


China (Part 1) – The Hutong area in Beijing

Chinese lantern
One out of hundreds of Chinese lanterns in the Beijing hutongs

Can it get cheaper to cut down on expenses than keeping your shop on a bike? The owner of the bike was a charming old lady but unfortunately she didn’t want to be photographed…

Table tennis
This man was playing table tennis at a public table in a park area between the hutongs and one of the bigger ring roads of Beijing. He was playing the socks of his opponent even though he was a good twenty years older than the other man.

Caged birds
These birds shared a house wall with six or seven other cages

100 bottles of beer...
I think this is a collection spot for recycling glass bottles. All doos and windows were shut and I couldn’t get a closer peek at what was going on.

A broken rickshaw parked outside a house. This was one of few houses in the hutongs that actually had something looking like a garden at front.

For sale
While getting lost in the hutongs one afternoon I found this little hole-in-the-wall-kind-of-shop where they sold crayfish, snails and vegetables.

Next part of this series of pictures from my two weeks in China in June 2010 will be on random pictures from around Beijing.

Series of pictures from China

I spent two weeks in China early June. The company I’m employed at sent me there to work for 10 days and I decided to add a couple of vacation days to the trip.

I will be posting pictures from my time spent there in a series of posts.
Part 1 – The Hutong area in Beijing
Part 2 – Random pictures from Beijing

Part 3 – The Spirit Way and Ming Tombs Area
Part 4 – The Great Wall
Part 5 – Expo 2010 in Shanghai
Part 6 – Random pictures from Shanghai

The easiest way to post pictures from Flickr?

Reaching out to the WordPress-users reading this: What’s the easiest route to go if I want to publish pictures from Flickr in my posts here? I want more than one picture in the posts.

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I’ve debated long and hard with myself on whether to import blog posts from my former blog to this one or not. The pros and cons have been going through my head an endless number of times as I have had a really hard time deciding. Last night, I pushed that import button. But this morning, I knew for sure that I didn’t want all the old posts with me.

I decided to change from Blogger to WordPress as I needed to start over, start fresh. And I can’t do that with all those words and pictures attached to this blog.

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Welcome to this new home of mine.

After seven years of on-and-off-blogging over at Blogger, I’ve decided to not only move, but to start fresh again. Some of my blogger friends recommended WordPress and I thought I’d give it a shot.

I plan on filling this blog with talk on writing, knitting, sewing and taking pictures, as well as books and travelling. Not yet being all too familiar with WordPress, I can’t guarantee that this blog won’t end up a mess when it comes to content… Trust me though, I’ll structure it as well as I can, so that you, as a reader, can find the content you’re after without too much hassle.