Help! Cat pee on my Sylvi!

Back of Sylvi - 2

In October last year I finished my Sylvi by Mari Muinonen. Most of the knitting zoomed by, but sewing those petals down and assemble the parts together to start the hood, broke me to tears. More than once. I fought trying to get the petals to lie down neatly and I had knitted more rows on some of the parts up by the neck…

But I was determined to finish the project. I was determined to be able to wear Sylvi. And I did. Sylvi was worn quite a lot last winter.

A couple of weeks ago I realized that one of my cats has peed on my Sylvi. Yep, he’s peed on my Sylvi. On one of the sleeves. I can’t really see the stain, but I can smell it. And so would everyone else if I was to wear her in the state she’s in now.

So, what am I supposed to do? Sylvi is knit with 100% pure wool which means I can’t throw Sylvi in the washer (unless I’d like her to transform into a thick coat suitable for a baby) and I don’t want to ruin her in any way.

I asked some women in my knitting group yesterday and they suggested trying bile soap or vinegar/acetum on it. Anyone else approve of those suggestions? Or have others?

Help appreciated!


15 responses to “Help! Cat pee on my Sylvi!

  1. I would just soak it in a normal wool wash liquid. Gently squoosh it through the arm that got pee’d on.

    Good luck – I love your Sylvi

  2. Poor Sylvi!
    I know that effectively removing the smell of cat pee is difficult, especially when the washing machine is not an option. At the risk of sounding like an advertiser… I have found this product to be very efficient:
    Note, however, that I have no idea what it does to wool. The ingredients are “nothing chemical” – which is a stupid thing to say as even pure water would be something chemical. Anyway, what it says on the bottle is “herbs and enzymes”. We have used this stuff in our house with excellent results, however. Maybe you should give it a try. Test it first on the wool, to make sure not to ruin Sylvi should the odor remover affect the wool.

  3. Vinegar is what I use in my laundry if the dogs pee on something – apple cider vinegar is what I use – I just toss about 1/4 of a cup in per load. So I think that would be another “natural” option. Vinegar is used to set dyes in yarn so I don’t think it would pull the color out of the yarn. Then, I would soak it in some wool wash to remove the vinegar smell. I do hope you are able to get it figured out – Sylvi is just too beautiful to be lost to cat pee!

  4. BacOut by Biokleen, white vinegar and a good old fashioned hang out in the sunshine is how I got the pee smell out of Abby’s cloth diapers. Cat pee is something, um, *special* though. . . good luck. What a serious bummer. 😦


  5. Oh… and here is something else – and it’s something that works better in Sweden than in, say, Hawaii: temperatures belows zero. The lady of the Mice (who happens to be my wife) says that giving stuff a serious freeze will destroy the smelly compounds. Afterwards you would still have to rinse the whole deal out with water (and possibly re-freeze it for a while), but this is a method that makes do without any chemicals. Just wait for, erm, December maybe?

  6. Sylvi is awesome. I don’t think I could have ever have knitted it–or hung in there long enough to.

    I remember going out to get a haircut one afternoon, and until I got in the door, not realizing my Scraps-Cat had peed on my top. Well–I think they SOON realized it, but readied themselves to cut my hair. (Running for hairclips for their noses, I’m sure.) But, after I had realized it–I had to go before they could cut it–I just couldn’t figure out how I had missed it.

    And then, I threw it away! Never went back to that shop either!!

    I think the vinegar thing may be a good idea–I sure hope you get the smell out!! Wasn’t your cat so sweet to want to mark that beautiful thing?

    • Thanks for liking Sylvi! I have no doubts you could make her though, it’s just stitches… 🙂

      Your haircut-story amde me both cringe and laugh. I think i can imagine how horrible that must have been for you. And the staff at the saloon…

  7. Hey Beautiful! Kul at ses i sommar och hoppas att allt är bra med dig. 🙂



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