China (part 6) – Random pictures from Shanghai

I apologize for forgetting about the 6th (and last) part of pictures from my time spent in China in June…

Ordinary traffic in Shanghai on an ordinary afternoon

This is what the walkways look like over some of the bigger intersections in Shanghai. It’s a clever, and sort of beautiful, way of keeping the pedestrians separate from the cars, buses, mopeds, motorcycles and bikes. I love how cool that man on the moped looks even as traffic is coming at him. On some occasions I saw old people walking straight through the traffic without bothering with the stairs up and down the walkway. (They all came through without scratches, but I’d never dare give it a shot!)

Grand Hyatt Hotel
This is Grand Hyatt Hotel, a building that looks like a bottle opener at top (but you can’t see it in this picture). The bar/restaurant was the highest in the world a couple of years ago, but I think it’s been knocked down a spot or two. I went to the bar on a Saturday night and had the most expensive Ceaser’s salad I’ve ever had. It was delicious though.

From the Bund
Shanghai is full of sky scrapes and buildings with exciting design. This flower-like building was a great landmark for us as we lived fairly close to it. The picture is taken from the Bund down by the Huangpu River and it was crowded with tourists walking around. And some of them took pictures as well. 🙂

Different generations
I imagine this is a grandmother walking her grandson home after badminton practice.

In People’s Square I found the largest and “fleshiest” magnolias I’ve ever seen. The trees were massive and they were all in bloom.

Bubblebum flip-flops
These flip-flops were worn by a girl standing behind us in the line up to go through security at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. They were worn by an Asian girl in her late teens and the rest of of her matched them perfectly! She nearly made a happy dance with joy when I asked if it was okey for me to take a picture of her feet and shoes.

So, this was the last post in my series of pictures from China. I hope you’ve enjoyed them!


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  2. More fantastic photos!

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