FO – Vesper

Vesper from the side

Pattern: Vesper by Heidi Kirrmaier (PiPiBird)

Yarn: Allino by BC Garn (A linnen-cotton blend) in Pink (nr 14) and Green (nr 20)

Modifications and thoughts: This top is knit from the neck down. You basically knit a very wide tube past your armpits and then put the sleeves on hold to continue knitting a tube. After finishing off the sleeves you sew around the neckline to make the pleats. I decided to go with the suggestion made by Roko on Ravelry to cast on provisionally and knit the pleats instead of sewing them. I liked the neater look.

Vesper - back
The back of the neckline. (I have one stitch between my pleats as I compensated a slightly different gauge to the pattern.)

I also skipped the pocket on the front. With all the stripes going on I figured I didn’t need anything more to make the top visually interesting. And to me the pocket adds more to the look than the functionality of the top.

I wanted this to be a floaty top that didn’t cling to my hips, so I added increases to the part below my armpits. To be honest, I think I added too many as there’s a loooot of positive ease going on in the waist and hip area. This is mostly seen at the back, I think, where a lot of the fabric gathers. Had I planned my increases a bit better, I’m sure I could’ve avoided this. It’s not a big deal though, I’m planning on using the top casually.

And I absolutely love how heathered the yarn looks when knit up. I love the fabric it produces!

Vesper sleeve
The left sleeve


4 responses to “FO – Vesper

  1. Oh, Anna, that’s so pretty! I want to knit this top too.
    And I LOVE the colors! 😀

  2. Love it! Your knits always look so fantastic on you.

  3. Lovely job! The color combination is fantastic!

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