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WIP – A Sunday with my butterfly quilt

Back taped to the floor Back taped to the floor

Getting the batting in place Getting the batting in place

Why being anywhere else? Why being anywhere else?

Safety pins in place Safety pins in place all over the quilt

Skorpan on watch Skorpan on watch on the quilt prepared for quilting


What to knit?

I can’t make my mind up on what to knit when I’m done with my cardigan that has a front of crocheted granny squares.

Should I give stranded knitting another try and knit myself a pair of Jorid Linvik’s Cat Mittens or should I use some of my lace yarn and make another shawl, like a Haruni (Ravelry-link) – but with a stockinette centre – or a 22 Leaves shawlette (Ravelry-link)? Or something completely different?

I’d love to make the mittens but I’m afraid it’ll take me forever and that winter has come and gone by the time I’m done with them. On the other side; there’s a winter next year as well… But if I make one of the shawls I might be able to cross my mother off of the shopping list for Christmas and that’s not too bad. Decisions…

Tuesday Special – Things that make me happy (2)

  1. Listening to Pet Shop Boys and remembering the Czech boy that got me interested in the group
  2. Talking to and seeing my parents and siblings
  3. Bold use of colours
  4. Ice cream (and in particularly Ben&Jerry’s and Häagen Dazs)
  5. My boyfriend
  6. Making deadlines without too much sweat
  7. Actually finding clothes that fit me when going shopping
  8. Knitting with others that are interested in yarn, patterns and techniques
  9. Getting massages from someone who knows what he/she is doing
  10. Getting mail with handwriting on the envelope

WIP – My butterfly quilt

Two years ago, in July 2008, I started working on a quilt for our couch. I bought a pack of fat quarters on a whim as I fell in love in love with the colours and patterns. When I came home I found that four other fat quarters I had matched perfectly. And I started a quilt.

Quilt topMy quilt top as it looks when photographed a dark October evening

I posted about it in my blog here. In that blog post, I stated that the back of the quilt would get done much quicker than the top as it didn’t involve as many parts. Logical. But… I wasn’t prepared for the frustration that the %#”%& back fabric would cause me. See, it was cut an angle and me washing it and drying it, didn’t help in making it easier to cut it to a perfect rectangle. I tried. And failed. And tried again. And failed. The only way i could save it, was to buy more fabric, or change the layout for the back. And I decided to do neither at the time. I packed everything away…

And then last weekend I visited a quilt show and was sooo inspired to finish my quilt. I do happen to love the top I’ve made and I have wished for a comfy blanket to wrap around me on the couch when I take a nap or watch tv. Or sit there knitting.

I made the quilt’s back the weekend. I changed the layout. And I cut some fabric from the quilt top’s border to make it match the size of the back.

Back of my quilt
The back of my quilt (photographed a dark October evening)

I hope to be able to turn the top and the back into a quilt sandwich (that is to put batting in between the layers and fasten them all with glue and/or safety pins) by the end of next weekend. And then I’m off to the quilting part. I’m trying to block that out of my mind though as it absolutely terrifies me to try and push this huge quilt through my little machine while trying to make somehting neat-looking on it…

WIP – Cardigan with crocheted front

IMG_4559Crocheted granny squares

I’m crocheting granny squares. I’ve done 39 so far and have another 17 to go… I’m using three different kinds of yarn and they produce three different looks to the granny squares. The more teal-coloured yarn is called Lin 1.0 and consists of 100% linen. The greener yarn is Chunky Chiq, which is a merino and alpaca blend. The yarn that looks almost yellow in the picture is Amoretto, a mix of cotton, alpaca and nylon. All yarns are from Tedman&Kvist.

My hands are cramping from the crocheting that I’m not used to do. And I’m getting sick of making granny squares. Sewing them together isn’t that bad though and it goes fairly quickly. I produce a ton of ends even though I try to weave them in as I go.

IMG_4556Granny squares and my cat Skorpan

Tuesday Special – Things that make me happy (1)

  1. Riding my bike with the wind coming from behind
  2. Wrapping gifts
  3. Beautiful language in books
  4. Unexpected friendliness
  5. The football (/soccer) player Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  6. Fancy desserts in restaurants
  7. When people get my jokes and laugh at them
  8. Having a glass of milk with my pizza
  9. Spending time in our brand new kitchen that we renovated ourselves this summer
  10. Catching amazing moments or views with my camera

Embarrassing minutes

Saturday night, my boyfriend and I had people over for a potluck and some swirly chocolate cheesecake.

The first group of people to arrive were friends of my boyfriend, their daughter, their son and the son’s girlfriend. I don’t know this family very well – have met them maybe 5 times before – and the girlfriend was a new acquaintance to us. I was handed a small paperbag with a string attached to the handles and just as I was about to open the bag, the girlfriend bent down to undo her shoes, and in doing so, she bumped me a bit. And the paperbag slipped from my hands.

I heard a gasp coming from the mother of the family as the gift hit the floor. I bent down, picked up the paperbag, and jokingly said that I hoped the gift was insured as it might have broken. I don’t get embarrassed often and I rarely blush, but I could feel my cheeks going warm.

Opening the bag I realized that the ceramics candle holder, shaped as a carved out pumpkin, had turned into a three-dimensional puzzle.

Awkward silence. And me cracking a joke about us owning some strong glue. And me cursing on the inside as the girlfriend who had bumped me apparently hadn’t noticed that she was the reason for the puzzle creation. But on the other hand, nobody else seemed to had noticed either…

I threw the pumpkin out as soon as the last guest had left our house.

Lilies in the kitchen

My boyfriend came home with flowers last week.


Our photo wallpaper in the kitchen really goes well with flowers!


I’m fascinated by how these lilies look both delicate and powerful at the same time.