Champions of Rock

I didn’t grow up as a Queen-fan. I think I was 13 or something when I realized there was a group with that name. And by then they had been around for years…

My boyfriend has a completely different bond with Queen. For years Queen was his favourite band. He had all the albums. He knew all the songs. And he even saw them live in concert in the beginning of the ’80s. Yes, my boyfriend has seen Freddie Mercury live.

I do envy him a bit. Not that I’m a hardcore Queen-fan nowadays, but there are some artists and groups I’d really love to see (and to have seen) and Queen is definitely on the list.

 The closest I’ll ever come to cross them off my list is probably tribute concerts… And we saw one this Saturday; Champions of Rock in Malmö. On stage were Swedish Peter Johansson and Jessica Andersson, as well as a Scottish musical artist called Jenna Lee-James. Peter and Jenna have worked together on the musical We Will Rock You in London for a couple of years.

It was a great night even though the sound was a bit off at times and the ladies were a bit too screamy. We did enjoyed ourselves though and sang Queen-songs all the way home.


2 responses to “Champions of Rock

  1. Fun! I grew up listening to Queen, since they were huge when my dad was in his late teens/early 20s. I’d have loved to see them, too. The concert sounds like so much fun!

  2. Queen står på min lista också. Men det var ju svårt att hinna med att se dem med mr Mercury…

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