Embarrassing minutes

Saturday night, my boyfriend and I had people over for a potluck and some swirly chocolate cheesecake.

The first group of people to arrive were friends of my boyfriend, their daughter, their son and the son’s girlfriend. I don’t know this family very well – have met them maybe 5 times before – and the girlfriend was a new acquaintance to us. I was handed a small paperbag with a string attached to the handles and just as I was about to open the bag, the girlfriend bent down to undo her shoes, and in doing so, she bumped me a bit. And the paperbag slipped from my hands.

I heard a gasp coming from the mother of the family as the gift hit the floor. I bent down, picked up the paperbag, and jokingly said that I hoped the gift was insured as it might have broken. I don’t get embarrassed often and I rarely blush, but I could feel my cheeks going warm.

Opening the bag I realized that the ceramics candle holder, shaped as a carved out pumpkin, had turned into a three-dimensional puzzle.

Awkward silence. And me cracking a joke about us owning some strong glue. And me cursing on the inside as the girlfriend who had bumped me apparently hadn’t noticed that she was the reason for the puzzle creation. But on the other hand, nobody else seemed to had noticed either…

I threw the pumpkin out as soon as the last guest had left our house.


One response to “Embarrassing minutes

  1. Awww! ❤ Well, at least you and I know. :teehee: :kram:

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