WIP – Cardigan with crocheted front

IMG_4559Crocheted granny squares

I’m crocheting granny squares. I’ve done 39 so far and have another 17 to go… I’m using three different kinds of yarn and they produce three different looks to the granny squares. The more teal-coloured yarn is called Lin 1.0 and consists of 100% linen. The greener yarn is Chunky Chiq, which is a merino and alpaca blend. The yarn that looks almost yellow in the picture is Amoretto, a mix of cotton, alpaca and nylon. All yarns are from Tedman&Kvist.

My hands are cramping from the crocheting that I’m not used to do. And I’m getting sick of making granny squares. Sewing them together isn’t that bad though and it goes fairly quickly. I produce a ton of ends even though I try to weave them in as I go.

IMG_4556Granny squares and my cat Skorpan


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