WIP – My butterfly quilt

Two years ago, in July 2008, I started working on a quilt for our couch. I bought a pack of fat quarters on a whim as I fell in love in love with the colours and patterns. When I came home I found that four other fat quarters I had matched perfectly. And I started a quilt.

Quilt topMy quilt top as it looks when photographed a dark October evening

I posted about it in my blog here. In that blog post, I stated that the back of the quilt would get done much quicker than the top as it didn’t involve as many parts. Logical. But… I wasn’t prepared for the frustration that the %#”%& back fabric would cause me. See, it was cut an angle and me washing it and drying it, didn’t help in making it easier to cut it to a perfect rectangle. I tried. And failed. And tried again. And failed. The only way i could save it, was to buy more fabric, or change the layout for the back. And I decided to do neither at the time. I packed everything away…

And then last weekend I visited a quilt show and was sooo inspired to finish my quilt. I do happen to love the top I’ve made and I have wished for a comfy blanket to wrap around me on the couch when I take a nap or watch tv. Or sit there knitting.

I made the quilt’s back the weekend. I changed the layout. And I cut some fabric from the quilt top’s border to make it match the size of the back.

Back of my quilt
The back of my quilt (photographed a dark October evening)

I hope to be able to turn the top and the back into a quilt sandwich (that is to put batting in between the layers and fasten them all with glue and/or safety pins) by the end of next weekend. And then I’m off to the quilting part. I’m trying to block that out of my mind though as it absolutely terrifies me to try and push this huge quilt through my little machine while trying to make somehting neat-looking on it…


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