What to knit?

I can’t make my mind up on what to knit when I’m done with my cardigan that has a front of crocheted granny squares.

Should I give stranded knitting another try and knit myself a pair of Jorid Linvik’s Cat Mittens or should I use some of my lace yarn and make another shawl, like a Haruni (Ravelry-link) – but with a stockinette centre – or a 22 Leaves shawlette (Ravelry-link)? Or something completely different?

I’d love to make the mittens but I’m afraid it’ll take me forever and that winter has come and gone by the time I’m done with them. On the other side; there’s a winter next year as well… But if I make one of the shawls I might be able to cross my mother off of the shopping list for Christmas and that’s not too bad. Decisions…


2 responses to “What to knit?

  1. When in doubt, I always cast on another lace project!

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