Monthly Archives: December 2010

Knitting, Sewing and Crocheting

Print O'Wave Stole This lump of a knitting project is going to be a Print O’ The Wave stole (pattern by Eunny Jang). The yarn is Fino from Alpaca with a Twist and it was gifted to me by GeekKnitter a couple of years ago.

Front of my Butterfly Quilt
I decided to rip the stippling quilting I had attempted and started quilting my Butterfly Quilt with straight lines instead. I’m making progress!

Back of my Butterfly Quilt
The back of my Butterfly Quilt as it looks now.

Cat toy
I picked up a crochet hook the other day and made a toy for my cats. Basically I crocheted a square and then folded it. I filled it with cotton pads and dried cat nip before crocheting around it to close it up. The cats love it!

Cat toy
Skorpan up close…


Hate bias tape bindings

Today’s fact: I hate attaching bias tape binding to my sewn objects.

I get how to do it in theory, but sitting down to actually get the binding in place, neatly, is another thing…

I spent an hour and a half yesterday trying to attach binding to a placemat I’ve made. I pinned, I sewed, I folded and pinned again, I sewed. And sighed. And ripped. (And did I mention that I’m using black thread on black fabric?) And did it all over.

In the end, I came out semi-satisfied, but mostly broken. And I have another five placemats to go before Christmas Eve when they will be gifted to my parents. If all goes well.

Visual Communication

I decided to go with the photography class for next semester.

As of mid-January, I’m a part-time student in Visual Communication. The class is offered as distant ed from a Swedish university, and if I understand it correctly it will focus on how to create pictures “that say something” and how to use them in communication. We’ll see if I’m right.

I got accepted to the third writing class as well but thought I needed a break from writing assignments. I don’t work much on my own writing projects and I think I’d like to focus on them a bit more than I have done this last year. And I’m toying with an idea for a project combining writing with photography and learning more about pictures and how to use them can’t be bad…

I’m really looking forward to the start of this class, but I have a writing class to finish first. One more writing assignment and one more literature discussion and I’m all done.

Homemade Christmas cards with fabric

Christmas card 1
Here’s 18 out of 20 Christmas cards I’ve made for this year’s Christmas.

Christmas card 2
Here’s a close up of the front of one of the cards. I’ve sewn small strip quilt blocks and I’ve glued them on to bought cards. I’ve stitched around the edges to fasten everything properly. And to give them a proper handmade look.

Christmas card 3
I cut some black paper sheets into irregular squares and sewed them on. This is where the greeting will go. If you couldn’t figure that out on your own. 🙂

Christmas card 4
This is what the cards look like from the back.

I made the first ten cards on Saturday. I didn’t time myself. On Sunday I spent about 3 hours making the last ten. I got into a flow making one step at a time on all of them.

I absolutely love my Christmas cards this year and can’t wait to send them out!!!

Hoping for luck

Will you, please, hold your thumbs or cross your fingers (or whatever you do to wish someone luck) for me today?

I’ll let you know if it had any effect. 🙂

*update* I wasn’t lucky… I tried to get an appointment for a tattoo with an excellent artist here in Sweden but she didn’t chose my idea as something she wanted to do.  Darn!