Homemade Christmas cards with fabric

Christmas card 1
Here’s 18 out of 20 Christmas cards I’ve made for this year’s Christmas.

Christmas card 2
Here’s a close up of the front of one of the cards. I’ve sewn small strip quilt blocks and I’ve glued them on to bought cards. I’ve stitched around the edges to fasten everything properly. And to give them a proper handmade look.

Christmas card 3
I cut some black paper sheets into irregular squares and sewed them on. This is where the greeting will go. If you couldn’t figure that out on your own. 🙂

Christmas card 4
This is what the cards look like from the back.

I made the first ten cards on Saturday. I didn’t time myself. On Sunday I spent about 3 hours making the last ten. I got into a flow making one step at a time on all of them.

I absolutely love my Christmas cards this year and can’t wait to send them out!!!


10 responses to “Homemade Christmas cards with fabric

  1. Wow, Anna! Those are gorgeous! Simply stunning. 🙂

  2. They look great! I’m sure your friends and family will love them.

  3. Welcome!

    Jag tror att du har goda kunskaper i engelska. Min svenska är dålig ibland men det är priset jag betalar för att vara amerikan. Var i Sverige är du? Jag brukade bo i Göteborg men nu bor jag i Amerika igen. Jag älskar din blogg!

  4. What a great idea – they are just lovely!

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