Hate bias tape bindings

Today’s fact: I hate attaching bias tape binding to my sewn objects.

I get how to do it in theory, but sitting down to actually get the binding in place, neatly, is another thing…

I spent an hour and a half yesterday trying to attach binding to a placemat I’ve made. I pinned, I sewed, I folded and pinned again, I sewed. And sighed. And ripped. (And did I mention that I’m using black thread on black fabric?) And did it all over.

In the end, I came out semi-satisfied, but mostly broken. And I have another five placemats to go before Christmas Eve when they will be gifted to my parents. If all goes well.


One response to “Hate bias tape bindings

  1. Bindings are the worst thing ever. I guess practice makes perfect, but practice is no fun! I do hope you got the placemats all finished!

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