Finished my Creative Writing class

I handed in the last assignment for my second Creative Writing class a couple of weeks ago and got my grades last week. I finished this one (too) with the highest marks. The feedback I got from the teachers all along fell into the category of “you know how to use the language and you do it weel” and “your texts are very well written but are a bit too matter-of-factly and would be better if you did more of show-don’t-tell” and “try not to tell the readers everything but let them draw their own conclusions”.

Nothing really surprising for me, to be honest. I know I need to work on my telling-stories-skills when it comes to narration, suspense and descriptions of characters and the environment. And I know I handle the language well. But it makes me happy that my teachers saw the same things.

I feel more secure in my writing after these two classes, but I also feel more apprehensive to actually work on my own writing projects. I doubt I have anything important or interesting to say. And even if I do, I doubt I could express it in a way that makes it good enough to be considered literature. Maybe I should stick to non-fiction? Or just bite the bullet and realize that practice makes perfect? 🙂

I now have university credits worth half of a semester’s full-time-studies in Creative Writing.

This semester I’m doing a class in Photography and Visual Communication. I have finished the first lesson (the lessons are videos consisting of different interviews and lectures) and I’m so excited to learn more!


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