FO – Jewelry Rolls from One-Yard Wonders

Rolled up One of the Jewelry Rolls rolled up and tied

Pattern: This is a Jewelry Roll designed by Valerie Williams and available in One-Yard Wonders by Yaker&Hoskins.

Fabric: The main fabric with dragonflies comes from Blank Quilting and the green and gold used on the pockets is Outback by Jinny Beyer and RJR Fabrics. I don’t know where the gold-spotted black fabric comes from.

The inside
The two pockets and the ring placket with ribbons

Modifications: I used three different fabrics as opposed to just one (suggested in the pattern). I had seen other Jewelry Rolls around made in different fabrics and I really liked the look. I also made the ribbons for the ring placket 4″ longer as suggested by Melissa who had done a Roll for pinkchalkstudio‘s One-Yard Wonders Sew Along.

Detail of the lower pocket

Thoughts: I made two of these at the same time as graduation gifts.  They were fairly quick to make and I love the end result. I felt very proud giving them away and I know the recipients appreciated them a lot. After I had explained what they were for. 🙂

Detail of the dragonfly fabric
A detail of the dragonfly fabric. I totally loooove this fabric! 


5 responses to “FO – Jewelry Rolls from One-Yard Wonders

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  2. What a great gift! I love the 3 fabric together!

  3. Glad to see you’re blogging again! I love the jewelry wraps! I forgot I had a copy of this book. Since reading your post, I went and found my book to bookmark everything I want to make 🙂

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