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Tuesday Special – Things that make me happy (5)

  1. Daytrips with my boyfriend
  2. Chocolate chip muffins with frosting on top
  3. Waking up early and realizing that I can go back to sleep for another couple of hours
  4. Filing things as “done” at work
  5. The length of my hair
  6. Playing pool (even though I suck at it)
  7. Go bowling (even though I suck at it)
  8. A great restaurant hamburger with cheese and bacon
  9. Speaking English
  10. Watching my cats playing with each other 

Tuesday Special – Things that make me happy (4)

  1. A good book to read when the weather is shitty outside and I don’t want to leave the house
  2. Shitty weather outside when I have a good book to read and don’t want to leave the house
  3. Baking and have people enjoy what I’ve made
  4. Hearing Swahili on TV and being able understand a word here and there
  5. Putting money in my savings account
  6. Finishing crafty projects and liking the outcome
  7. Beautiful September and October days when the sky is clear blue, the sun shines and the air is crisp
  8. Travelling
  9. My birthday
  10. Fairtrade chocolate bars

Now, what makes you happy?

Tuesday Special – Things that make me happy (3)

  1. Freshly baked bread in a store or bakery
  2. My all-time-favourite movie; The Princess Bride
  3. When I succeed in dressing appropriately for the weather
  4. Looking at pictures from trips I’ve taken
  5. Seeing my friends happy
  6. Resting my eyes on pictures of one of the most handsome men I know: Alexander Skarsgård
  7. Writing
  8. Lying on the couch with my cat Skorpan on my chest
  9. Brushing my teeth with my cat JumJum in my lap
  10. Tulips, lilies and orchids

Tuesday Special – Things that make me happy (2)

  1. Listening to Pet Shop Boys and remembering the Czech boy that got me interested in the group
  2. Talking to and seeing my parents and siblings
  3. Bold use of colours
  4. Ice cream (and in particularly Ben&Jerry’s and Häagen Dazs)
  5. My boyfriend
  6. Making deadlines without too much sweat
  7. Actually finding clothes that fit me when going shopping
  8. Knitting with others that are interested in yarn, patterns and techniques
  9. Getting massages from someone who knows what he/she is doing
  10. Getting mail with handwriting on the envelope

Tuesday Special – Things that make me happy (1)

  1. Riding my bike with the wind coming from behind
  2. Wrapping gifts
  3. Beautiful language in books
  4. Unexpected friendliness
  5. The football (/soccer) player Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  6. Fancy desserts in restaurants
  7. When people get my jokes and laugh at them
  8. Having a glass of milk with my pizza
  9. Spending time in our brand new kitchen that we renovated ourselves this summer
  10. Catching amazing moments or views with my camera