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FO – Elijah the Elephant

Elijah the Elephant Elijah the Elephant

Pattern: Elijah by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Left-over Idena Cotton Sport from a project that never really happened some years ago
Needle: 3mm/2.5US
Project time: 5 days of knitting in November 2010 and 2 hours to embroider the eyes and crochet the scarf in december 2010

Standing Elijah A Standing Elijah – I love his feet and hands

Knitting this was straightforward, especially after already having done Ysolda’s Sophie the Rabbit (go here for a blog post on Sophie). They are very similar in construction.

I’m not too fond of how the neck looks like though, so just as for Sophie, I added a scarf. This one is crocheted using one strand of lime green and one strand of raspberry pink of BC Garn Allino (a cotton-linnen blend) held together.

I forced Skorpan to model with Elijah to give you some sense of the size he turned out. As you can see, Skorpan wasn’t too interested in the knitted elephant…

Elijah and other stuffed toys Elijah is here modeling with three beanie babies that I have placed on top of our glass cabinet in the dining area. The ostrich was a gift and I bought the other two myself on my first visit to Canada, back in 1999.

I made Elijah for the baby of two of our friends. The boy was born in December and we got to see him when he was 10 days old. His parents were happy with the gift but the baby was way more interested in sleeping than playing with his new cuddly toy. 🙂


FO – Vesper

Vesper from the side

Pattern: Vesper by Heidi Kirrmaier (PiPiBird)

Yarn: Allino by BC Garn (A linnen-cotton blend) in Pink (nr 14) and Green (nr 20)

Modifications and thoughts: This top is knit from the neck down. You basically knit a very wide tube past your armpits and then put the sleeves on hold to continue knitting a tube. After finishing off the sleeves you sew around the neckline to make the pleats. I decided to go with the suggestion made by Roko on Ravelry to cast on provisionally and knit the pleats instead of sewing them. I liked the neater look.

Vesper - back
The back of the neckline. (I have one stitch between my pleats as I compensated a slightly different gauge to the pattern.)

I also skipped the pocket on the front. With all the stripes going on I figured I didn’t need anything more to make the top visually interesting. And to me the pocket adds more to the look than the functionality of the top.

I wanted this to be a floaty top that didn’t cling to my hips, so I added increases to the part below my armpits. To be honest, I think I added too many as there’s a loooot of positive ease going on in the waist and hip area. This is mostly seen at the back, I think, where a lot of the fabric gathers. Had I planned my increases a bit better, I’m sure I could’ve avoided this. It’s not a big deal though, I’m planning on using the top casually.

And I absolutely love how heathered the yarn looks when knit up. I love the fabric it produces!

Vesper sleeve
The left sleeve