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FO – Jewelry Rolls from One-Yard Wonders

Rolled up One of the Jewelry Rolls rolled up and tied

Pattern: This is a Jewelry Roll designed by Valerie Williams and available in One-Yard Wonders by Yaker&Hoskins.

Fabric: The main fabric with dragonflies comes from Blank Quilting and the green and gold used on the pockets is Outback by Jinny Beyer and RJR Fabrics. I don’t know where the gold-spotted black fabric comes from.

The inside
The two pockets and the ring placket with ribbons

Modifications: I used three different fabrics as opposed to just one (suggested in the pattern). I had seen other Jewelry Rolls around made in different fabrics and I really liked the look. I also made the ribbons for the ring placket 4″ longer as suggested by Melissa who had done a Roll for pinkchalkstudio‘s One-Yard Wonders Sew Along.

Detail of the lower pocket

Thoughts: I made two of these at the same time as graduation gifts.  They were fairly quick to make and I love the end result. I felt very proud giving them away and I know the recipients appreciated them a lot. After I had explained what they were for. 🙂

Detail of the dragonfly fabric
A detail of the dragonfly fabric. I totally loooove this fabric! 


As random as it gets


Remember me?

I didn’t fall off the surface of the earth, but I drifted off for a while. A lot longer than I thought I would. A comment to my last post asking me if I was still in the process of making pancakes had me realizing just how long I’d be abscent from my blog. Thank you, Tina! 🙂

1. Creative roller coaster
This spring I have been struggling with going between periods of feeling very creative to stretches of time in which I’ve not wanted to do anything but eat, watch tv and sleep. I’ve felt very scattered and I needed to rest my brain for a bit by staying more focused.

2. Sewing
I have, however, worked my way through finishing that colourful crazy 9-patch quilt I was making for a baby’s name-giving ceremony (blogged here and here). I will show you the finished quilt as soon as the ceremony has taken place. I have also sewn two Jewelry Rolls (pattern from One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins) as graduation gifts for friends (posted here on July 2nd, 2011). There’s a Teardrop Bag (from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches) hanging in my craft room waiting to be gifted to a friend on her 40th birthday on Saturday. Posts on these projects will appear here.

3. Knitting
I have also been knitting a bit. You will see posts on my “process” in that area as well. I have managed to mess up a pair of socks by knitting the second one on needles that were too small. And I only realized after I had knitted the toe, the foot, the heel and the leg and was supposed to start the ribbing where the pattern told me to change to smaller needles…

I have started a ribbed sweater that just sucks the energy out of me as one of the sleeves is knitted with horizontal ribs. I knitted forever and it just didn’t grow…
I am currently knitting a Cornflower Shawl (after seeing Anna’s start of one over at I started over four times before I found the needle size that produced a shawl I was happy with. And I also changed around the main and contrast colour. Now, I’m loving it!

4. An end
My favourite yarn store is closing down in a couple of weeks. I’m really sad about it, but that’s me being selfish. I know the owner is happy with her decision and I fully understand her. And admire her for her guts!

 5. Photography
My distant ed photography class didn’t go well. I loved the first lesson. And I loved the second one. But it ended with an assignment I couldn’t do at the time. I needed to wait for an order from And I needed to wait for sunlight… The assignment was about panning moving objects to create pictures that show movement. How easy is that to do in my parts of the world in early February? I left for work int he morning in darkness and came home in darkness. The weekends were snowy and cold. And I couldn’t do it.

And the teachers constantly told us to work through every class and assignment before moving on the next one. So I got stuck.

I still have access to all the classes online and will try to go through them over summer and fall instead.

6. Photo project
I’m still working on my photo project for 2011 (blogged here, here and here) and I’m really enjoying it. I’m way behind on transfering the pictures from my camera to the computer and to actually make the choice of what picture to name “Today’s Picture” but I’m not stressing too much about that one. Promise you’ll see some of the pictures here on the blog.

7. Earrings
During the spring I have pierced my ears. I had them pierced when I about ten but let them overgrow a couple of years later as the started acting up. I would put in earrings and my earlobes would get all red and swollen. This time around I went to a real piercing studio and had them done more professionally than I would’ve had in a beauty salon. I’ve decided to use earrings made out of titanium or sugical steel as they are better for sensitive ears. Wish me luck!

This has led to me being absolutely fascinated by earrings! I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that so many people around me use earrings. And good looking ones too. I love the look of dangling earrings and can’t wait to expand my jewelry wardrobe. I’m currently waiting for an order from silvermason over at Etsy. You will see a post about those earrings when I get them!

8. Health
This spring I decided to deal with the fact that I haven’t felt comfortable in my body and clothes in a long time. I joined Weight Watchers online and have so far lost 9kg/22lbs by eating more, more regularly and healthier; and by increasing my weekly exercise by taking more and longer walks.

I have spent more time preparing and eating food this spring than I have ever done in my life. And I enjoy it! I try new recipies and new ingredients. I have given up cheese sandwiches for dinner and try to cook something instead. Or at least make myself a plate of veggies and cold cuts.

I have signed up for a membership at the gym from July 1st and I’m looking forward to start building muscles. I’m in desperate need of stronger abs and chest muscles to keep my back and hips from acting up all the time. And I’ve proven to myself that working out at home isn’t my thing… The sofa is far more comfortable than the floor. 🙂

9. Writing
I haven’t written anything at home for the pure pleasure of writing in nearly 6 months now. I think about it a lot though… Strangely enough; that doesn’t produce readable text.

10. Change?
I’ve also concluded that some things never change. And I speak of myself.

I have this feeling, this urge, to start a creative business. I follow blogs on creative entrepreneurship and I dream. And I make plans. I have five options for names. And I sort of know how to brand myself. And how to keep things moving. And where does that take me? Not far. To be honest. ‘Cause I forget to specify what my business should be about and I forget to produce anything…

And that’s sort of the way I am. I know how to write a letter of interest to a publisher for the novel I haven’t written yet. And I know the pros and cons of different marketing strategies for the novel I haven’t written yet. And I also know [fill in the gap] for the [fill in the gap] I haven’t made yet.

There are more random stuff I could share. But why do it all in one post after such a long absence? Next time, you’ll get pictures too. Promise!

FO – Child’s Messenger Bag from One-Yard Wonders

Flashy front
A bag for my niece

Pattern: Child’s Messenger Bag from One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins
Fabric: Something I bought at Åhléns one or two or three years ago
Project time: Wednesday March 9th, 2011 – Thursday March 10th, 2011

With an open flap and a visible inner pocket

Ramblings: I thought the design was interesting with its bottom corners (see picture below). I’ve never seen a box-shape made that way. Don’t know how practical it is (I imagine dirt and stuff to quite eaily get stuck in those folds) but it looks neat.

Bottom corner
One of the two bottom corners

I had some problem attaching the Velcro on the bag body. I didn’t think the measurements in the book made sense on the placement of them so I used my intuition and moved them up a bit. I should’ve used more of my intuition and moved them even further but I chickened out. And ended up having to rip the ones on the flap and move them down a bit. I haven’t found any errata on this so I don’t know if others have had the same problem or if I just didn’t understand how to place a rectangular Velcro-piece 10.5″ from the top edge…

Part of the strap and the golden fabric

Overall, I enjoyed the fast project. From cutting out the pieces (standard rectangles of different measurements) to having a complete bag only took about three-four hours.

The bag is huge (for its recipient) and I just hope my little niece don’t drown in it…

WIP – Crazy 9-patch quilt again

Binding close up - frontA close up of the binding on the front

The seam to the right is where I started and finished attaching the binding by machine. I’m very proud of how neat that looks! I used Jaybird Quilts’ tutorial on perfect binding.

I made the binding myself using the method where you get one continuous tape by just sewing one seam. You can find loads of tutorials on YouTube if you search for “make bias tape continuously“.

Binding close up - backA close up of the binding on the back

I’m attaching the binding by hand on the back. I’m using ladder stitch. It trakes time, but I like the way it turns out. A bit wavy, but not too much. I have another 3 sides and corners left to do.

Part of the backThis is part of the back with attached binding

I’ve used scraps from the quilt top to make part of the back. I’ve added some fabric from my stash as well, like the grey seen here.

I decided to quilt it all with random straight lines. I’m using a yellow thread and I quite like it. It shifts between a brighter and a more subbtle yellow but not very noticeably. Quilting like this was fun! I didn’t have to put too much thought into it and I think it works well with the wonky 9-patches on the front.

WIP – Crazy 9-patch quilt

Colourful quilt in progress

I decided I needed to work with colours. And I needed something a bit crazy. And I wanted to try a new quilt design. And I didn’t want to make something adult-sized.

So, I looked through my fabric stash and found some scrap bundles of colourful batik fabrics. Bought on a whim a couple of months ago. And I started making a quilt for my niece. I used Oh! Fransson‘s tutorial on how to make the Crazy 9-Patch blocks and they were really easy to make. Even though the process involved a lot of cutting and ironing I found it all quite efficient as I was working on nine blocks at a time.

I put the grid pattern together yesterday and hope to add some border to it tonight. It’s all a bit wonky and not properly lined up at 90 degree angles, but I’ll work something out. A quilt with crazy blocks in it can be a bit wonky and off-centered, eh? 🙂

Placemats for my parents

Front of placematsThe six placemats on the floor

I made placemats for my parents for Christmas. You can find the tutorial/pattern here over at Handmade by Alissa.

The fabrics are from IKEA, except for the black linnen fabric on the front. Can’t remember where I bought that. All fabrics were pieces I already had at home. Same goes for the batting. I had to buy biased tape and thread, but was it.

Close up of quiltingClose up of the quilting

Back of placematsThe back of the placemats

CornersMitered cornes with biased tape (I’m showing you three that look nice and I keep the others to myself!)

I love the end product and so do my parents. Apparently my mum thinks they’re too pretty to use on weeknights so they only come out on weekends. She’s silly! 🙂

I was surprised at how much time I had to spend making them though. The last one was finished just a couple of hours before I had to leave for the Christmas party. Cutting the pieces took time. Sewing with linen fabrics is more work than cotton fabrics and I had totally forgotten how linnen bahves when it kind of shifts sideways. I had to be extra careful when pinning to make ends match. And there was a lot of ironing going on as well. Quilting took about 30 minutes per placemat. And I think I spent 1½ on getting the first biased tape attached around the edges. I got faster and faster at doing it though (and maybe a bit more forgiving too) and the last one was fastened in 40 minutes or so.

Knitting, Sewing and Crocheting

Print O'Wave Stole This lump of a knitting project is going to be a Print O’ The Wave stole (pattern by Eunny Jang). The yarn is Fino from Alpaca with a Twist and it was gifted to me by GeekKnitter a couple of years ago.

Front of my Butterfly Quilt
I decided to rip the stippling quilting I had attempted and started quilting my Butterfly Quilt with straight lines instead. I’m making progress!

Back of my Butterfly Quilt
The back of my Butterfly Quilt as it looks now.

Cat toy
I picked up a crochet hook the other day and made a toy for my cats. Basically I crocheted a square and then folded it. I filled it with cotton pads and dried cat nip before crocheting around it to close it up. The cats love it!

Cat toy
Skorpan up close…

Hate bias tape bindings

Today’s fact: I hate attaching bias tape binding to my sewn objects.

I get how to do it in theory, but sitting down to actually get the binding in place, neatly, is another thing…

I spent an hour and a half yesterday trying to attach binding to a placemat I’ve made. I pinned, I sewed, I folded and pinned again, I sewed. And sighed. And ripped. (And did I mention that I’m using black thread on black fabric?) And did it all over.

In the end, I came out semi-satisfied, but mostly broken. And I have another five placemats to go before Christmas Eve when they will be gifted to my parents. If all goes well.