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iPod Nano and motivation

I’m usually late to the party when it comes to technical gadgets. Most of the time they don’t interest me. Could be my lack of understanding as to how these things function or my fear of “getting too wrapped up” (one of the reasons for me not doing Twitter or having an account over at Facebook) or something else I won’t admit to myself, but the fact is I’m not a gadget nerd. (I don’t even own a cell phone…)

Last week I climed a step on the gadget nerd-ladder!  I got myself an iPod Nano. And I love it.

It’s turned me onto audiobooks, and in ten days I’ve gone through 2½ books as I’ve biked to and from work, been out walking at night or sitting on the couch with a knitting project in hand. I’ve listened to a Peter Robinson-novel called Cold is the Grave (Kall som graven in Swedish), a Swedish novel called Supernova by Marika King and now I’m moving through Nick Hornby’s A Long Way Down (Fallhöjd in Swedish).

I can’t say I’ve explored much of my iPod yet, but I’m getting there. I can listen to audiofiles, I can film with it and I know how to turn on the pedometer function.

The thing that gets me all worked up about it though, is the way it has motivated me to get out on those walks even as the rain has poured (and how it makes every single walk longer than intended as I keep taking another turn to hear a bit more instead of going home straight) and how it kicks my creativity to life as I process the words I hear. From this week’s walks I have four ideas for short stories to write, a rough plan on how to turn one of our bedrooms into a cosy guestroom and also an idea for a project combining my writing and my photography. And I don’t think I have missed a word from the readings of the books…

Who knows? At Christmas time I might have a head (and notebook) full of creative ideas and be in great shape after hours of walking (and maybe even jogging!). And all because of an iPod Nano.