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Jessica Swift’s wonderful rain boots

I fell head over heals in love with Jessica Swift’s patterned rain boots as soon as I saw them.

Please click the badge above and read more about her project! I hadn’t heard of kickstarter.com before finding someone linking to Jessica’s wonderful rain boots but I’m really impressed with the idea of kickstarter.com. Cerative people try to get different projects funded within a certain time frame. As a funder, you can choose your amount and a reward to go with it. The rewards can be anything from a handwritten thank you-note to a print of a photograph to a copy of the documentary that would come out of the finished project. It’s all up to the person asking for funds.

I funded Jessica with $100 and am rewarded with a pair of rain boots. I’m sooo looking forward to wearing them!

(Don’t let the $100 scare you off. If you don’t want to, or can’t, fund with that amount, Jessica rewards any funder who puts in a$1 or more. She has excellent rewards that you’ll see if you click the badge above!)


WIP – Print O’The Wave-stole (again)


My Print O’The Wave-stole has yet another corner! It’s finished! I’ve grafted that fourth corner and I’ve fastened the loose ends. Now it’s time for blocking.

Thanks again to Linda who came to my rescue and helped out when I lacked yarn to finish my stole.

And I found help…

The wonderful world of knitters! Yesterday, I asked for help as I need some additional yarn to finish my Print O’The Wave-stole. I also asked three people over at Ravelry if they would be intrested in a trade of some sort to help me out.

Within 2½hours I had given my address to a generous woman in Ontario, Canada, who later this week will send me 15 grams of the yarn I need. And she didn’t even want to trade anything for it.

I’m blown away by the generosity of knitters! Thank you, Linda!